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रविवार, 21 अक्तूबर 2012

Viral Fever

I was staying with my husband's place for spending the Christmas holidays.
We had reached Goa which is famous for its beaches and sand dunes and of
course beautiful girls to spend Chritsmas holidays. The best time to visit
Goa is during Christmas season. Beaches are the most attractive and
frequented spots in Goa. In fact, Goa is almost synonymous with beaches.
Nearly the entire coastline is dotted with world-class beaches, which
acquire their names after the nearby village or locality. Goans live life
in style. That is in short Goan life style. Rich or not so rich, they do
not equate life with money. Goa's famous contribution is fenny, the drink
prepared from the cashew apple. Fenny preparation is in fact a cottage
industry in Goa. In villages, fenny is prepared in many a house. Drink is
also cheaper than in other parts of India. Yet Goans drink within control.
Dance and Music is in their blood and tradition. Goans dance to the
maddening lilting tune of Latino music and sing together. Goa is also
famous for its nude beaches, but I do not know where they are situated.
Wherever I go I saw only boards saying 'Nudity is prohibited'. Perhaps
there are secluded beaches which you may not find in tourism maps. We were
planning to go on a chartered tour to visit all parts of Goa.My husband was
overjoyed to find his parents and relatives after a long time. They are
very close knitted family and the nights are spent on booze and dance in
which all join. My husband normally spends a good fortune to entertain
others during the season.

I was enthusiastic to tour the small islands and there was a chartered
cruise, which my husband had booked long back. But I was not fortunate this
year, as my husband's mother fell ill and she had to be taken care of. So I
volunteered to stay at home to look after her so that others can enjoy the
holidays and the long cherished tour. My husband and daughter boarded the
cruise and were not expected to return in the week. When they were gone I
felt isolated, the village was not familiar to me. I did not have any
friends there. The next day my mother-in-law was recovered and she wanted
to go to St.Francis church to attend Christmas eve. I did not like to
mingle in a crowd so I was not much interested to go. My mother in law got
a company from the neighboring family and she left along with them. If she
had recovered one day earlier I could have gone with my husband. I doubted
whether it was her trick to spoil my vacation. She never had been much
friendly to me as I belonged to a caste other than hers and my family was
not that rich. Then it happened me to be affected with fever. It just
started as a fever and nausea after eating a special pastry of Goa,
BEBINCA. It is called the queen of the delicacies is the state. It is made
of eggs, pure ghee, flour, coconut milk and sugar. I also took some strong
gulps of Goan Fenny and slept. When I was awake the next day my whole body
was aching and shivering. The body pain surprised me. I could not even walk
much, so I called one of my husband's distant relatives through phone.
There was a girl named Margarette who was studying for nursing. She was a
niece to my husband, but she had never come to our house. There were some
family feuds between her and my husband's families. But the girl replied me
that she would visit me soon. I was eagerly waiting for her help. I did not
know where the hospital and other medical facilities situated in the

When Margaratte came to my house I was dozing after a vomiting session. She
was a cute girl dressed in her nurse's uniform and came riding her bike.
She told me that she was on her way to hospital. She inspected me and took
my temperature. She told me that its viral fever and it might take three to
four days to get cured. She told me that I had to take some injections but
she had no syringe etc. So she gave me some paracetamol tablets and
promised me to come in the afternoon. The tablets had not much effect on
me. When Maggy returned I was shivering and temperature was high about 105
farenheit. Maggy kept her cool and told me that she wanted to inject me.
I was afraid as I didn't know about her nursing as well as medical skills.
She said to me that there was nothing to worry as she had consulted her
doctor about my condition. She told me that pain would be less if I took
the injection in my hips. I agreed. I was dressed in a house coat which is
dressed through my head and can be removed on the same way. It was the
approved dress of most of Indian women while at their home. The invention
was made immediately popular by whole Indian women as it allowed more air
circulation to our body from all sides. Some women wore nothing under
it. But I was wearing my brassieres and panties under it. I always wear
panties as I am conscious about the chances of housecoat getting stuck
between my buttocks. Then it gives others an erotic view of my buttocks
with the outline of the channel between my buttocks shown clearly in the
absence of panties. Maggy hiked my housecoat above my waist and rubbed my
hips with a cotton wool with spirit. I was expecting pain, but Maggy
injected me very swiftly so that when I was aware of the invasion, the
needle was drawn out. She rubbed my hips for some more time using the
cotton until the pain subdued. I gave her a smile of gratitude. From my
childhood days I was afraid of injections.

Then she took a thermometer and inserted between my armpits. She took it
after five minutes and gave a disapproving nod seeing the reading. "Aunty,
you have to control the temperature, I may give you a sponge bath now,
otherwise you have to be taken to hospital", Maggy told. She then took some
old clothes from the hanger and brought a steel bowl full of water. She
poured some lotion into it and there was a smell of the lotion. She opened
my house coat by removing the front buttons and removed it from my body by
one swift move over my head. Thus I was lying before her in my bra and
panties. She put a rubber sheet under my body and I was lying on it with my
back towards her. Then I felt her hands unclasping my brassiere from behind
and she took the straps loose from my shoulders. I thought she would start
the sponge bath right away. But then I felt her hands on the frills of my
panties and she tried to yank it down. I was wearing a red color close to
skin panties which was covering my butt completely. The frills were trendy
but it looked conventional otherwise as it covered my butt fully. She
pulled it again and asked me, "Why are you wearing such tight panties ,
aunty? No wonder, such tight panties can increase your temperature". She
lifted my butt applying her hands under my body and yanked my panties. Her
hands touched my fur in the action and I was ashamed of my condition. I
could feel the smell of my cunt and its juices filling the room. Maggy
would also feel the same. Somehow my pussy juices were starting to run
down. Maggy was so soft in her touches and she handled my private parts
with extreme delicacy. My cunt hairs were rousing like shampoo has been
applied there, they were madly reaching for her caresses. She wet the towel
in the water and shoved it between my buttocks. The cold wet towel when
applied to my hot body made me shivering. It was somehow emanating my
sexual desires. She moved the towel to my thighs and she dipped it again in
the water. She spent a lot of time to clean my joints. She wet the towel
and without wrinkling it applied to my body. She told me that the joints
and curves of a body are generating more heat and its more effective if
sponge bath is applied to the sensitive regions. I was shivering madly. She
then asked me to lift my butt above so that she can apply towel to my pussy
regions. When she cupped my pussy with the soaking towel I yelled a 'Aha',
and I heard her chuckle behind me. "Now turn to me aunty", she said. I
turned to face her. She took my bra completely away from me and I was start
naked before her. She did not show any change in her face. Perhaps she was
accustomed to see a lot of women nude in her duty. I was relieved from the
initial shame to offer my nudity. She started sponging my body. She lifted
my hands and placed them above my head. My hairy armpits were visible to
her. I could also feel the faint smell of my hairy armpits. As a hairy
armed woman, I want to leave a note here to let all you men know that I
enjoy all the attention paid to me for my body. Ever since I was a little
girl, boys, men, and even many girls and ladies have asked to touch, and
play with my hairy arms. I have never met anyone that was rude or obnoxious
about it. They were all just as nice as could be, since it was so special
to them. I know full well how some people are just so stimulated by seeing
hair on a female's arms. I have had many conversations thru out the years,
and trust me, no one should be embarrassed about this harmless little
fetish! I always let people touch my arms, and pull on it lightly if they
wish to. When I meet a really nice person, and if we are away from other
people I'll tell them I like it too, and I'll give them all the time they
want. Many ask to kiss my forearms, and that turns me on as well as them.

Lesbians seem to really like a strong (I used to do a little bodybuilding),
hairy blonde. I get at least one woman a week stop me and ask me about my
arms. They always ask to feel the hair, and then ask if I'm bi-sexual (not
really interested). They just want to spend time telling me about their
fantasies of having a muscular, hairy woman dominate them in bed. If I've
heard it once, I've heard it a hundred times. Someday I might take one of
them up on it! You know the funny part is that my girlfriends get a kick
out of being with me, when a guy will walk right up and compliment me on my
hairy arms. Sometimes I think the girlfriends get a bit jealous too. They
wish they had some feature that drove men and boys wild. Goan ladies used
to shave their pits and most of them wear sleeveless blouses and tops.
Maggy looked very much fascinated by my hairy armpits. Her eyes glittered
and she spent more time to sponge bath my hairy pits. I was used to get
such stares whenever I travel in the Bombay buses. I don't bother to shave
my armpits often. When the men see stubbles in my white armpits they would
change all of a sudden and ogle at me. Sometimes I act naughty offering
them more view by facing them with my hands above on the bar.

I'm not sure but I think it stems back to when I was a pre-teen I think I
was 11 or 12 my mother and step-dad had been out drinking and I heard them
come home. Then I heard noises coming from the living room downstairs and
it sounded like my mother was moaning and crying like pop was hurting her
so I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to see what was the matter . As I
got to the living room door there was my mom laying all sprawled out on the
living room carpet with her dress up over her waist and the black curly
cunt hairs sticking out all over the leg bands of her panties well when i
saw that i got an instant stimulation in my cunt and I turned around and
ran back upstairs before they saw me and masturbated for hours .Ever since
that day I have had this fascination with hairy cunts and assholes but...
seeing ladies with panties on with hair protruding and escaping out of the
panties are the greatest turn on for me. Maggy seemed to share my views and
she enjoyed sponge bathing me. Then she changed her attention to my
breasts. Obviously I had breasts double the size of her. She was taking
care of my big jugs as if some precious treasures have been given into her
hands. She applied the wet towel to my breasts and my nipples jutted out as
if to call her attention. She moved the wet towel on them and in the
process she captured my nipples between her slim fingers. I was lifting my
buttocks to get attention to my pussy. I had not shaved there for more than
two months. Maggy was sponging my hairy pussy and she suddenly asked me,
"Aunty, why do you keep so much hair on your pussy. I have never seen this
much hair on any other women. Don't get angry with me if I ask you why?".

I replied, "Dear Maggy, Well first of all I love my body hair whether its
pubic, underarms, legs". My pubic hair ends at my bellybutton and wraps all
the way around to where my backbone starts. "Your uncle is a great lover of
hairy women. He told me that my pubic hair is fantastic its about 5 1/2
inches long. Yes, your uncle love playing and teasing me in my hairy zone.
Hair is a big turn on for me too. It's really nice when your uncle kisses
me down there, he just brushes my pubic hair with his big moustache. He
sets it and curls it every time we make love. Wow, I reach an orgasm each
time we are together with his moustache browsing on my pussy. I had tried
shaving off all my pubic hair. It was great at first but then came the itch
and it did itch so I did not try that again. Your uncle loves to take
pictures of me down there. He has a few of me bald and a lot of them are
hairy. We often joke around a lot about me shaving it all off again but
maybe someday not now. O Maggy, your uncle never permit me to , shave under
my arm pits or my legs. I just shave the lips of my vagina so that your
uncle can kiss me comfortably there. Well, that's the reason for my love
for body hair!!". I ended my long lecture. Maggy did not say anything. She
was blushed and might have felt her question was improper. She then took
fresh brassieres and put it on me. She did not bother to dress me in
panties. She took a nightie and adjusted it to cover my nude body. My
temperature had now decreased. "Ok aunty, you just relax and take these
pills, I will come in the afternoon, now I am late for duty", She rushed
and started to her hospital riding her bike.

I might have drowsed off due to the effect of pills and fatigue. When I
came to my senses Maggy had returned and it was 3 pm. I must have slept for
hours. She was brushing her hair after a bath. She was clad only in a
towel, which she fitted to cover her breasts, and down to her thighs. She
was standing in the portico and there was bright sunlight directly hitting
on her. I could thus see the outline of her nude body under the soft muslin
towel. She had a good body and golden colour. The cleavages of her was
still having some water drops and I longed to kiss them away. But I could
not move from the bed. I was all tired. She took the panties and bra which
she had removed and she sniffed at the panties. I got the impression that
she wanted to change it and I told her, "Maggy, you may try one of mine,
you just take some from the drawer".

She smiled at me and opened an almirah and took a black brassieres and a
matching panties. She put the towel around her waist and exposed her tits."
MY GOD!, I am going to die, what a pair of golden breasts, and see what a
dear nipples!". Her nipples were of color of honey. They were very small.
Her breasts were conical and there were tiny golden hairs at her areola.
She tried to put my brassiers and said its of bigger size. It was true.
"Aunty, your tits are double the size of me. But the panties are ok, just
correct fit.", she smiled wickedly at me. She had no hair on her armpits.
She went to the kitchen and came back with some rice soup and feed to me
like a child. She was carrying me like a child from behind and applied the
spoon to my lips. When the rice soup was over, I got some power back. She
them washed my lips with water taken in a bowl and left to her home.

She returned in the evening and I was inspected. She used the stethoscope
on my chest and moved it between my breasts. Her touches were ticklish to
me. She did not look at me and said, "Aunty, your fever is now bit less,
but you have to take two more injections." I told her, "No Maggy, I will
feel pain", but she lifted my nightie and rubbed my hips and thighs. She
was so close to me that I felt her breasts touching my hands. They were
also hot; the small hairs on my hand joints were arousing with her close
touch. She took one more injection on my hips. When the needle entered my
hip I pressed her on her hands and breasts. Did she shiver at my touches, I
doubted for a moment. She then took the needle out and after that she
rubbed me there with cotton wool dipped in spirit. She then told me that
she would come next day. I pleaded her to stay with me in the night, as I
was lonely. She then promised to come back with her dress at the night. She
again disappeared.

She returned at night with food from her home and she took a bottle of Goan
fenny out. "Aunty, if you take a few pegs and sleep you will be okay by
tomorrow". I was ready to try any kind of remedy to escape from the viral
fever. The fenny was burning down its way to my stomach. Maggy also took
some pegs and by 11 pm it was finished by us. Fenny is a slow catching
liquor. My head was spinning and I lay on Maggys lap. There was a TV
program running on. It was a Veena recital. "What a bore to hear the slow
music, lets put some pop dear, I feel to dance", I said to Maggy. But she
told me that she was fond of Veena. ( For foreign readers, Veena is the
national Instrument of India. It is considered as a celestial instrument.
Veena is also known as the Queen of Musical Instruments. It comes under the
chordophonic group of instrument. It can be described as a long necked
lute with a large resonating bowl called the Kudam, held across the lap by
the player. There is a smaller gourd called the Kudukkai, which hangs from
the neck. This serves as a rest. The narrow end of the Veena is shaped
like the head of a dragon. There are twenty four frets which are made up of
bell metal or steel. There are seven strings in all, of which four passing
over the frets are the playing strings, and the other three are the drone
string ,which run through a special side bridge. The instrument is usually
made of jackwood. Two of the playing strings and the drone strings are made
of steel whereas the other two are made of brass. To enhance the
resonating quality, a hold is made on the Kudam (bowl). the tonal quality
of the Veena depends on the size of the Kudam. Only the pointing finger and
the middle finger are used to play and the little finder is used to keep
time on the Tala strings. The small gourd is placed on the left thigh and
the main bowl is placed on the ground, partly supported by the right

"Auntie, I had learnt to play Veena, do you want to see it", Maggy asked
me. I looked around to find the instrument which I had never seen in the
house. Maggie smiled at me and reached her hands to the hem of my robe and
pulled it over my head. She removed my bra too. I was laying naked on her
lap like the jackwood veena in the TV program situated in the musicians
lap. Maggy began to play me to the tune of the music we were hearing. She
caressed my boobs and nipples with one hand and used her other hand to play
in my pussy as if stroking the chords of Veena. I do not know how expert
was Maggy at Veena, but she was an expert in making me vibrating with
sexual desire and I was soon elevated to the plateaus of eroticism which I
have never though existed. Her fingers were traveling through my cunt
hairs and she combed them into two parts and began stroking me in the
central path of my pussy. Soon my vaginal folds were opening and she was
running her fingers all over my vaginal track and my love juices were
making her fingers slippery. The fenny was making me highly spinning as if
some hammer had been applied to my head, my cunt was played by Maggy as if
to sooth me, my body temperature must have crossed the boiling point and
who cares!.

Soon one, two of her fingers entered my sticky juicy vagina and my clit was
highly aroused. When her hands moved sideways she did not forget to tip tap
my clit and I was crying aloud to stop. "Maggie, please stop, please stop",
I was begging. I have never been at such a person's mercy. One part of my
body was begging for more and other part was begging to stop. Then she
moved my body to the floor and attacked my pussy. She began to munch my
pussy. She was just driving me crazy, there are no words to describe our
lovemaking, when the sex gets uncontrollable we were just simply lost in
lust. IT WAS JUST TOO GOOD. I could not return her the favours received. I
was just too tired and she did not permit me to move. I slept the whole

When I was awake the morning sun was high on the sky. It was 10 am in the
morning. Maggy was nowhere to be found. I found sandwiches and coffee ready
at my table. The coffee was still warm. Maggy might have gone to her
hospital. I felt relaxed and my fever was gone. I took a bath using hot
water and changed my dresses. I decided to take a nap and was not awake
till Maggy returned. When I opened my eyes, I saw rain was pouring down.
Maggy had come back, she was changing her clothes. She was wet in the
rain. Maggy was standing in the verandah changing her dress. She was
standing nude and rain was showering. I could see the smooth back of her
all wet. She was applying towel to her head. I took a towel and proceeded
towards her. I puffed the soft towel on her smooth back and she turned and
smiled. I dried her smooth back. I then reached my hands to the front side
and she did not move. I cupped her sweet breasts from behind. They were
very small. Her tits were smaller than I was expecting. But they were a
lovely pair. I cupped again and she was leaning towards me. I took her to
the bed and kissed her. She was more than eager to return my kisses. I
threw my nightie away over my head. I began to slowly rub her small tits
using my pendulous breasts. Soon my nipples started making her nipples rock
hard. I just loved her. I looked at her beauty. She was lying under me like
a clinging wine. I kissed her taking her thick lips between my lips. Her
breasts are small and girlish with cute pink nipples while her hips are
incredibly broad and shapely. I was eager to look at her pubis. Her pelvic
area is remarkably well defined. The copious amounts of pubic hair between
her legs are amazingly dark, thick, and lush. It was obvious that she left
it grow out naturally -- as well she should!! There was also a notable
contrast between her rather smallish, wiry upper torso and her wide,
curvaceous, ultra-womanly hips. The result is a quite beguiling physical
duality. She looks like a skinny pubescent tomboy from the belly up and a
voluptuous maternal Earth Goddess from the waist down. I attacked at her
pussy with a mad rage. I moved to the floor and sat there kissing on her
pubis. Sitting one in front of the other I bend to reach for her breasts,
it takes a while because they are so small I really have to reach her
chest, I had to be close to her heart to enjoy of her, I was not
aggressively kept away by a pair of bowling balls, I have to work with what
I have, two beautiful and never seen before gasping nipples, some flowers
decorating them. I sucked her small nipples, and let them slip through my
lips. I let these soft sprouting flowers anticipate the nipples that my
tongue is about to wet them. She reached for my anus and inserted a finger.
I just loved her enthusiasm. Why not, but mostly I likeed that she was
never embarrassed to do it. If she liked it, I also enjoyed it for sure. I
kissed her mouth as for thanking her and invite her to continue explore my
body. I was shivering with sexual passion and I longed for girl sex very
bad on that day. My tongue reached for the sides of her lips. I noticed
that she had bleached her hair above her lips so that no one could notice
it. It was golden bleached, but sure there was a tiny moustache for her. I
began caressing her soft whiskers that are so feminine on her beautiful
visage. Again, what a fantastic contrast!. I could imagine her while she
saying to me :" Yes I have some facial hair, so who doesn't? Won't you lick
it for me?". My tongue touches everywhere, even where it stings a little
because of the re-growth. She was kissing me again. Soon we rolled on each
other and finally we turned our directions so that we could do a sixty nine
on each other. The night was never ending one.

When we were spent we hugged each other and I was moving my fingers on her
body. I asked her from where did she learn such techniques. She revealed me
that at her nurse's hostel she was taught the pleasures of lesbian sex by
her room mate. She told me that she is known as 'sex queen' in her hostel
and she was most sought after girl. She disclosed me that she had had
lesbian affairs with almost all good-looking girls in her hostel. She told
me that after 10 pm they used to assemble in a room and watch a pair among
them to suck and fuck each other. None could escape from it. One of other
day every girl has to perform cunnilingus on another before all others. She
said that her warden too would join them occasionally. She then began to
lick me in my ass.

When I was awake in the next morning, Maggy was all dressed up to go to
hospital. She came to me and said she wanted to take one more injection. I
was afraid and I said her no, dear my viral fever is over and I didn't want
any more injections. But she opened her dress and showed me a big
artificial penis hanging between her legs. She applied some cream on it and
rubbed it against my cunt. Soon she got the right lubrication and inserted
the penis into me. She moved closer until I could not hold it anymore. I
felt my pussy was choking. She began to move. I was on all my fours and she
stood behind me. She began moving faster and faster until all the length of
her black dong was in me. She fucked my brains out for an hour. Then She
took it out and asked me to suck it. I obeyed her. She said it was time for
her to leave.

When I had bathed and came to the portico, my mother in law had returned
after her St.Francis Festival. She asked me whether I felt lonely. I told
her I had viral fever and Maggy came to inject me. She then told me that
Maggy was not a good nurse and so we should go to some other hospital. I
told her my fever was over. I was in fact praying for the viral fever to
affect me again.

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23. The way it comes
Posted by: "Rubal Rubal" ashutoshsrivastava
Date: Fri Sep 21, 2007 10:48 am ((PDT))

It started just as a passing time between two friends. I had to stay in the
capital city to study for a short-term course for an entrance examination.
The engineering entrance fever was everywhere. The capital was over flooded
with students and their parents, so all moderate hostels and hotels were
booked. My parents had not much money to provide a hostel accommodation for
me. My mother wrote to one of her relatives who were residing in the
capital city. She agreed to accommodate me along with her family. I
reached their house with a suitcase full of my dresses and books. The
coaching classes were timed in the morning session and ended before lunch.
My mother's friend was aged and looking much older than my mother. She was
a government employee and she was hardworking too. She reached the house
only late in the evening carrying bags of groceries, fish, and vegetables.
From the first instance I guessed that I was not much welcomed there.

There was only a single good bedroom with an attached bath. The daughter
occupied the room. She was married to a navy man who comes to stay only for
six months in the year, and at that time he was at the sea. She allowed me
to stay in her bedroom as her husband was away. But there was only a double
bed and she told me that I should sleep outside when her husband comes.
Beggars must not be choosers. She was a lazy lady. She never bothered to
help her mother in the kitchen. She did not share their expenses. Her
mother was the sole earner of the family. She had a son who had never
bothered about the house and was busy with some politics. I had seen him
only twice or thrice in a week when he would come to ooze some money out of
his mother.

The classes were high standard and I was sure it was not going to be a
cakewalk. So I tried to minimize my expenses to bare minimum. At least my
parents would not complain I had wasted their money. The afternoons were
free and I would spend my time reading and doing the homework. The daughter
and I would be alone in the afternoon. She would either lay on the bed
reading some film magazines or she would be doing some pedicure or
polishing. When I came home she would give a smile and would put her eyes
on the mage. I had to change my dress, but I did not get courage to change
it in the room with her around. So I would take my old dress and change it
in the bathroom. But she had no such inhibitions. She would change her
dresses when I was around without showing any sign of reluctance. She would
parade her nudity before me when she was in a teasing mood. She had got
some body odour which filled the room like a scent. It was like the scent
of a woman when getting heated up. Even though she was not much attractive
she had a good body. Her smooth back was a fascination to me. She had got
many curls like a grapewine on her neck. Her spinal region was a deep
channel with excess flesh on both sides. She would roam around in her black
brassieres folding her sary and combing her hair. It was her favorite pass

When the tight bra was worn, her back channel looked like a smooth pussy to
me. The resemblance was there. Her smooth back above the bra strap often
resembled the channel between the pubic triangle to me. When she unclasps
her brassieres the flesh would become flat and the channel would disappear.
She was not of good complexion but her covered parts were really sexy and
they looked wheatish. One day when I came to the room she was knitting her
blouse and was wearing only her favourite black brassieres. I decided not
to ogle there much so I took my dress and moved to the bathroom to change,
she asked me. "Why cant you change here, why are you so shy?". I said
"didi, I am not used to change before others that's why." . She said "Is
it, we both are women no?, what's there to be ashamed of after all I have
got what you have no?". I said, "Didi, I cant change in front of you, I
feel shy, I feel like you are a boy looking at me. "Me, boy, what's wrong
with you girl, cant u see I am a girl, bit elder than you, see my tits",
saying this she unhooked her brassieres and gave me an ample view of her
tits. I was flabbergasted with her sudden display of her assets. They were
two dear darlings, they looked like a twin deer to me. One of her breast
was little bigger and lowered than the other. Her breasts were flattened
type with a great circle of black areola. Her nipples looked like two honey
coated dry grapes. She used her fingers to roll her nipples and pulling
them out from her areola. "Now you have seen my tits, well you can repay
the same to me", she said. "No, didi I can't ", saying that I took the
dress and before she could catch me I jumped into the bathroom and bolted
from inside.

When I came out after a sponge bath she was dressed and was reading again.
She had a grim look and she did not talk to me the whole day. She behaved
like ignoring my presence. I felt I had hurt her, but how could she hurt
for I preferred to change in privacy. I tried to read my books, but I could
not concentrate. The view of her dear nipples and ample breasts was filling
my eyes.

The next day when I was preparing to take shower, she went to the bathroom
and bolted from inside. Normally she would not use bathroom till I had
finished and go out in the early morning. She knew she had enough time and
she was not an early waking type. She would wait for her mother to bring
tea to her. Till that time she would lay in her bed coiled. When I heard
water running I was panic. I had to catch my bus and it was an important
lecture I had to attend at 8 am. She hummed from inside and took a
leisurely bath. I knew she was taking her revenge, as she never had spent
so much time in the bathroom as far as I remembered. Then she came out with
a towel drying her hair. I was stunned. She was stark naked. She did not do
anything to cover her nudity. She paraded her nudity before me moving here
and there taking one cloth and folding and putting another. I forgot about
my bath. Somewhere inside I was getting wet. With her walking naked like a
new born baby, it was impossible for me to decide my course of action. She
did not bother my presence and leisurely applied the hair dryer watching
herself on the mirror. "What are you looking at girl, don't you want to
bath and go to your classes", she barked suddenly at me. I made excuse to
her and entered the bathroom.

I headed for a quick shower and when I was soaping my budding breasts I
envied her for having those beautiful well-rounded tits. My tits were small
and flat. My nipples were the only bigger part of my body compared to
hers. I started to dry myself quickly. Then I saw her brassiere and panties
thrown on the corner as laundry. I took her black bra and took it to my
nose. It had a smell of sweat and powder. She was of habit of pouring
talcum powder into her bra cups evident to me by the symptoms of high
deposits of talcum powder in her bra cups. I took her panty, which was
rolled like a spring. I sniffed at it and it was pungent with her juices
and urine. The raw smell of her cunt excited me. No doubt, she had a good
pussy, kept clean and nourished with her creams, and turmeric paste. Indian
women to clean their pussy use turmeric paste. It retards hair growth.
Turmeric is a symbol of purity and it's a never missing ingredient for
women's functions. When a girl attains puberty, she is taken to a secluded
place and senior women bath her using turmeric powder mixed water. Upper
caste women use turmeric paste to suppress their unwanted hairs. If applied
directly from childhood it makes women less hairy and smoothes their
skin. Lower caste women tie a piece of dry turmeric at the end of a black
string as a token of their marriage.

I sniffed the panty again and again, it was a great aphrodisiac. I put it
into my mouth and licked her salty piss traces and sweat. Then I rushed out
wearing my towel around me covering my breasts and just below my thighs.
When I came out she was still there but dressed. She did not expect me to
come out in the towel. She gave a smile and gleamed at me. While I was
searching for my new dress in the cupboard, she came to me and snatched my
towel away in one sudden pull. I least expected that and I suddenly covered
my breasts with one hand and my pussy with other hand. "Didi, what are you
doing at me, have you gone crazy, please give me the towel", I begged. "You
humbug, let me see you naked, you little devil", she was looking at me as
if she was going to swallow me. I put one of my hands crossing my chest and
effectively protecting my breasts. My other hand was covering my little
triangle. "Take your hands away, I want to see your breasts", she told
me. I didn't move, she came to me and took my hand and put it on my side. I
tried to cross my chest with my hand, but she took my hand and put it again
on my sides. I could not move her away as my other hand was busy hiding my
pussy. All women are fortunate that they can hide their privates with their
simple palm, as a great poet of our country said. But I was not permitted
to do so by my roommate. She was looking at me from head to toe with a
piercing look. I could feel her eyes feasting on my breasts, when her gaze
came to my belly button, she asked me "Take your hand away", I was
hesitating for a minute". "Take your palm away I want to see your cunt",
she barked. I moved my hand allowing her to view my pussy. "You have a nice
cute small pussy, come here I want to touch you there", she said. What was
I doing, I felt I was under some evil spell, I moved towards her. She put
her hands on my chest, she cupped my small breasts for once. She did not
take her hand away, I felt my nipples getting taut. She adjusted her
fingers so that my nipples were captured between her fingers. She gave my
nipples a press. They began arousing again. I could see small goose bumps
appearing close to my nipples, she pulled my nipples. I was standing on my
toe, she began to feel my breasts more freely. Her palm was like a cushion
from inside, I felt like my breasts were pressed by a vaccum cleaner. Then
her free left hand began to roam in my stray pussy hairs.

She hugged me close to her. She gave me a warm kiss. I could feel her hot
breath on my lips, she used her tongue to part my lips wider. She inserted
her slippery tongue into my mouth. Our tongues touched each other. She
began to move her tongue like a slippery eel in my mouth, I was forced to
take her, we took other's tongue alternately and sucked at them. She leaned
over my naked figure and began to press her boobs on my body. Soon I was
laid on the cot and she began to lower her lips on my neck, shoulders
traveling on the dorsal side of my arms. Her tongue began to travel on my
body and my cells were fast responding to her touches and kisses. She began
to press her fat thigh between my legs. Her silk dress when rubbed between
my legs, my pussy too began to get heated up. She captured my fist in her
bigger fist and began to shower kisses on my ribs and armpits. It felt so
ticklish to me, but she was taking the small water drops which were on my
body away using her tongue tips. "Please leave me , I want to go to class",
I pleaded. "Ok, I will leave you now, but you should agree me to do
whatever I want tonight, do you?" she asked. I nodded, then she parted my
legs wider and started kissing fervently on my cunt. "Sweet delicious cunt,
why did you put soap there, you had better smell by nature", she said to me
and again dived between my legs. This time she was not licking into my
folds but she was searching at the opening of the folds using just her tip
of tongue, she tap tapped here and there and finally she chuckled and I
guessed she had found a small beadlike clitoris of my body. She began to
rotate the tip of her tongue just on and around it driving me crazy. I
could not resist her any longer. I wanted her to take that little pearl of
me in her mouth and she was teasing me to act something. I put my hand
behind her head and pressed her to me, it had its effect. She began to lick
me enthusiastically and within a few second I felt like a hammer was put on
my skull and I yelled in my first orgasm.

I grabbed my clothes and moved fast. The classes were going over my head on
that day. I was thinking about the incident and the possibilities offered
to me. When I returned at the evening the aunty had cooked a great supper
and had been waiting for me. She told me that she would not be in the house
for the night as she wanted to go to her elder daughter's house to baby
sit. So I was left alone, I had a nice bath and went to the bedroom. The
younger daughter whom I was sharing the room had phoned me that she would
be late. She told me to lock the flat from inside and do not bolt it from
inside as she had a key with her and she was not sure when would she come
back. I was not in a mood to study as my mind was wandering with sexual
thoughts and desires. So I went to the bedroom and started searching the
cupboards, combing my hair. There were a lot of small bottles of eye rouge,
nail polishes, and small perfume bottles. Then I saw a red bottle shaped
like a horse used in chess game. I took it and inspected it out of
curiosity. It was labeled as 'nipple rouge' . Paints for nipples?! It was
news to me. I opened the bottle and a red fluid was oozing and I decided to
try it. I removed my upper dress and bra, I put them on the cot beside me.
Then I took a small globe of the nipple rouge in my finger tip and applied
it to my nipples. It was heaven, the spreading of alcohol and the creaming
on my nipples was just seventh heaven. I spread the rouge on the full
areola and looked at the mirror. It was kinky and naughty. I smiled at my
own image and looked at those small nipples decorated with the red coat of
rouge, I pulled my nipples out and they jutted out proudly. "Cute, really
cute, wah re wah!!!", came a voice from the door.

I was shocked to find the lady standing at the door. I did not hear her
entering the flat, she was looking at me like a lion who saw a deer. I
tried to cover myself, but she charged forward and prevented my attempt.
"Sorry, I was .. I was just looking at those bottles..:", I stammered.
"Don't worry, its okay, good, your nipples look really cute and jutting
little darlings", she kissed me and was rubbing my nipples with her
fingers. She handled them like feeling two orchid buds and I was
experienced a high current of erotic electricity from my toe to my head.
She was wearing a blue sary and high heels, she looked so elegant wearing a
sary. She sucked my nipples and I could see the red stains on her lips
caused by my nipples. She looked like an assistant of Dracula . She kissed
me again and moved to close the door. She bolted the door and turned around
to see her on the Divan stretching herself. She was resting on her elbows
and had raised one leg. She looked a real sex bomb. Her sari had ridden up
and I could see her legs just a wee bit above her knees -they were superb.
Not very thick but very fair , I was wondering how her thighs would be. She
called me over and I settled next to her, she pulled me over and planted a
kiss on my lips. I dragged her closer to my body, and continued kissing her
lips. Her pallu (edge of the sary) was no where in place and her low neck
had a hard time containing those luscious globes. I had seen her nude
earlier but wearing a sary she looked sexier. The sweat drops on her
cleavage added sexier look to her.

Bending down I kissed her cleavage and licked it all the way. My hands were
busy feeling her calf muscles and pushing her sari much higher. For a
moment my hands shifted attention to her tits and I tried to undo her
blouse hooks.My palm rested on those soft tits while I unhooked. It was
marvellous to watch her tits in a white lacy brassiere struggling to be
freed. I had successfully opened her blouse and exposed her bra. That was
much more fabulous. The material of the bra was so sheer that I easily
locate her dark nipples, thru them. Immediately I bent down to lick on the
dark patch, in fact I took them between my lips and sucked in. My hands now
got busier with her legs. Her sari had ridden up much beyond her knees and
as I went up further her legs, thighs parted to accommodate my hands. I
could feel the warmth of her thighs. It was just fluffy and wonderful. I
pushed further to meet the ultimate destination, her pussy, gods she was
really warm down there, my fingers could feel the wiry hairs on her pussy.
I wanted to see that. She had unhooked her bra from behind while I was busy
with her thighs kissing and feeling the body heat emanating from her. She
was teasing me half exposing her nudity and moving occasionally away from
me, always pinching my taut nipples.

I was becoming a real slave of her elegance and beauty. I begged her to
show me her pussy, I wanted to see hair down there. I could feel the smell
of her pussy, her steaming pussy her pulsating pussy, give it to me I
begged silently. I got up from my reclining position to see her lovely
body, she didn't try to cover up anything. I sat on her lower legs
straddling her and pushed up her sari, to expose her pussy. That was the
first time I was seeing a woman's pussy from so close. The perfume filled
my nostrils Her fair thighs were round, a bit flabby not very huge thigh,
like a typical south Indian housewife. Her pussy looked lovely adorned with
a nice wiry bush, and her slit looked heavenly. My palm was all over her
thighs; they were very smooth and soft. On an impulse I kissed her pussy,
her legs jerked up and now I had a better view of her pussy. With her legs
pulled up, she parted her legs just enough. Her pussy lips parted and I
could see her juices all along her slit. Involuntarily I placed my palm on
her pussy and touched the slit. She opened up further and I used my fingers
to push open her slit. It looked wonderful inside, her clit was like a
small peanut Her inner labia was dark pink colored, further down it was
pink and I could see the insides glistening with her juices. I realised
that she was busy cupping my little breasts leaning towards me. The scent
of her was maddening. She then carried me to the cot and began to rub her
pussy over mine.

The wiry and hairy pussy was rubbed continuously on my sparingly haired
mount. Occasionally she would put her palm between our pussies and search
for something. Soon I could feel the heat of my pussy and a mixture of two
kind of sweat made the room musky and spicy. The mixture of sweat and scent
of two women filled the entire room; there was something special about my
companion. The more she becomes excited the muskier her smell was. Then she
rolled on top on me and began to hit my pussy with her fat furry bigger
cunt. She took one of my leg and put it on her shoulders. I used the leg to
rub at her nipples. She was becoming aggressive partner. She took her
clitoris out using her fingers and tried to put it into my small vagina. It
was like a pebble inserted into my cunt.

When she got her climax, she asked me to lay close to her, we slept like
that till her mother knocked at the door. When the dinner was over she
again came to me, "Dear I want one help from you, I want to shave my pussy.
My husband is coming next week. He is crazy about my shaved pussy. I want
to give a surprise to him. He said that it makes him feel like fucking an
adolescent girl. I cannot shave there alone, please give a help". I had
never shaved my pussy, but I was ready to help her. She then removed her
clothes and took a brush and a razor with twin blade system from a
drawer. She then moved to the bathroom and came back with a mug full of
water and soap. I took the brush and wet it and then made a lather using
the soap. She put a pillow under her butt and put a newspaper under
her. She trimmed her bush using a small scissors and when it was nearly
trimmed I saw her cunt region milky white. I lathered the brush and soon
her pussy was covered with foam. I used the razor from the navel and it
travelled down taking the small hairs with it. I dipped it in the mug and
after some five minutes her triangle was completely clean and smooth. Then
came the most risky part of shaving her labia. She lay there like a frog
with legs pierced in a dissection board. I could not take my eyes from
her. She looked so cute and her cunt looked like a soft bread just baked. I
put her labia folds away and used the razor softly she was moaning. She
used her finger to roll her clitoris which was now quite visible and she
peeled the skin covering it and showed me the white bud like a pearl. I
shaved her ass too. Her ass had hair like men's asses. When it was done she
walked to the bathroom and deposited the hairs and foam and flushed. She
took a towel and wiped all water and put my hands on her cunt. It was so
soft and there was no trace of stubbles. "You are an expert barber, why
don't you shave yours", she asked me. "No, I don't shave there ", I denied.

She sat without her clothes and leaned on the cot with a big pillow to give
support to her back. "If my husband was here, he would suck my pussy", she
said. My head was spinning. The fine shaved yummy pussy was attracting me
like a moth to a fire. The creamy white thighs, the red rose inner lips and
the smoothness like a baby's butt. I could not control myself. I dived into
her lap. She was happy at my surrender. She put her legs even wider and
began to fondle me at my back. I inhaled the fresh smell of her pussy. It
was just intoxicating. The mixture of soap and pussy juice was maddening
me. I began to chew her pussy folds, she peeled her clitoris and the hud
was looking at me like end of a plastic wire. I took it like a small
mushroom and began to suck it with my lips. She then gave a fart and fell
back. I did not move my face away. I slept there between her legs with my
lips closing her clitoris like a leach.

After an hour she was awake. "Now let me do you", she said. "No, I don't
want to shave", I told her. "Who said anything about shaving, I want to
suck your pussy dear girl", saying this she began to eat me.

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