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शनिवार, 20 अक्तूबर 2012

The Burger King

Stevie looked into those piercing pools of hazel and dived deep into their
crystalline depths, as he pulled down those red boxer briefs and started
stroking the cock of the man of his dreams and obviously enjoying it. Aaron
was getting off on this as much as Stevie, and that was all the
encouragement Stevie needed. Aaron, at 19, was only one year older than
Steven and his dark brown, styled hair shook with the pleasure he was

"Oh Stevie, I'm going to cum, man. I'm gonna shoot. Ahhhhhhhhh..."

Stevie's eyes shot open with the images of Aaron shooting still fresh in
his mind. It was the early hours of the morning as he lay there on his bed,
slowly coming down from the second most incredible dream he ever had within
the space of one day. The first dream happened earlier today in the
showers. What a day this has been, thought Stevie as he sat up in bed. Bad
enough jerking off about it at the gym, but now he was even dreaming about
doing it with Aaron. He just couldn't work out what got into him and why he
was suddenly so infatuated with his morning shift manager from Burger King.

His morning had started off with a light spar session at the martial arts
school to get rid of any last minute kinks before the tournament in the
afternoon. While he is changing into his uniform, he gets propositioned as
well as a feel up from the very guy he is supposed to be fighting. He ends
up going down to the dude because he can't get the vision and feel of the
dude's hard, throbbing cock out of his head. On top of that he had to fess
up to his karate coach that he has the hots for his competitor and his
hormones took over, which is why he took a pounding in the tournament. If
that wasn't bad enough, he daydreams in the shower about getting it off
with his Manager and coats the shower walls with his jizz. To top it off,
just before heading off to work, he practically has a wet dream about the
guy again. Can it get any better than this, or is this a typical day in the
life of an eighteen year old virgin? Stevie wondered.

Glancing over at the clock, he had just half an hour to have a shower, get
dressed, and head off to work. While the breakfast shift didn't start until
about 7am, Stevie always liked to get to work just before 4:45am so he
could spend some time alone with Aaron. Well as alone as you can get with
the maintenance guy there as well, anyway. Not that anything had ever
happened when they were alone, much to Steven's regret. But he just liked
being the centre of Aaron's attention and that was the best time to have
it. Some of his more memorable moments with Aaron were spent in the
washroom while filling cloth buckets with warm, sanitised water, and
changing the oil in the cooking vats. These were the times before the rest
of the crew started, and Aaron was like one of the boys instead of store
manager, and he opened up and talking to Stevie like they were best mates.
At first Aaron used to kid around that Stevie was trying to get a promotion
to Assistant Manager, but he really enjoyed Steven's company in those early
hours, too. If Stevie only knew what was going through Aaron's mind.

In record time Steven had showered, shaved, pampered and changed and was
standing outside Burger King just as the sun was starting to rise, and the
birds in the nearby park were warbling their early morning song. Normally,
the maintenance guy was there to open up and let Stevie in, before Aaron
had even arrived. The guy normally gets in about 4am, but this morning it
was Aaron who opened the door for Stevie.

"Hi stud, looks like I finally get to beat my number one employee!" said

"Excuse me?" replied Stevie, not sure if he had heard correctly.

"Ralph called in saying he was sick, so its only you and I here until the
shift starts. SO I finally got here before you did. This day has to be
added to the Book of world records." Aaron smiled giving Steven a nudge and
ushering him into the restaurant.

Greetings were exchanged and the guys began their normal ritual of
preparing for the breakfast rush. Stevie noticed there seemed to be
something different about Aaron this morning. Every time he looked over at
Aaron, it seemed as though he was watching him. Steven put it down to his
over-active infatuation with Aaron lately and went to back to work ignoring
the stares and feeling of being watched. A couple of hours went by and all
that was left before the gang arrived for the shift was to clean out the
oil vats. It was not a task he particularly enjoyed this morning as his
muscles were a little stiff from competition, but it had to be done and
Stevie was the one to do it.

As Steven bent over the vat and began cleaning it out with a cloth once it
was emptied, Aaron looked over at his young protege once more. His top half
was bent over into the vat, giving Aaron a perfect view of those twin orbs
that begged to be pinched and touched and kneaded. It took all of Aaron's
self control not to go straight over there and pull down Stevie's pants
there and then to worship those buttocks they way they should be. Lost in
his dream of rimming those beautiful buns of Steven, he did not know how
long he stood there in wanton desire. Next thing he knew, Aaron was
standing right behind Stevie. He pressed his hips forward and made contact
with the warmth of that mouth-watering flesh. Stevie was startled by the
sudden contact and stood up straight, falling back into Aaron's arms.

"Whoa, sorry big guy". Said Aaron, "I didn't mean to startle you. I was
just looking to see how far along you were with the vat.

"Ummm, that's okay." Replied Stevie, "I didn't know you were standing
there, that's all."

Aaron's arms were still wrapped around Stevie's waist and his hips were
still pressed against Stevie's backside. Maybe it was Stevie's imagination,
but he was sure he felt something hard pressed up against his buns as well.
Was this turning on Aaron? Stevie liked the body contact and did nothing to
stop Aaron from holding on. The arms around the waist, the contact of
Aaron's hips against him, and the warmth of his breath tickling the hairs
on the back of his neck, were all having the desired effect on him as well.
Steven wanted those hands around him to work their way into his pants and
find the growing hardness, but even this contact was more than Stevie could
have hoped for.

Realising that he couldn't hold on to the young stud any longer without
making it obvious that he had ulterior motives to just steadying his
friend, Aaron grudgingly let go of his hold on Steven. Steven turned around
to face his manager and smiled. Aaron smiled back and placed his hands on
Steven's shoulders. Steven's muscles were a little tender from the exertion
and winced slightly from the contact.

"Hey, you a little tender there? Maybe you better finish with the vat and
come over here and I'll get those kinks out of your muscles."

"No, it's alright. I'm just a little tense. It'll go away as the day goes on."

"Bull-crap. I can't have my best employee getting all stiff in the middle
of the breakfast rush now, can I? I wouldn't know how to handle it if that
happened. So you let me take care of it now for you before it gets too much
to handle."

Before Stevie could utter another protest, he was dragged over to the
tables and forced to straddle a chair backwards while Aaron rested against
a table behind him and began to work on Steven's shoulders and neck muscles.

"Actually after the punishment you took this at the comp today, I'm
surprised you even made it to work today at all?"

"How did you know about the comp? Ohhhh. That feels nice. Don't tell me the
rumour mill is spreading the word about my defeat already? Ahhhhh!"

"No. No one is talking about it. I was there."

"You were there? You saw my bout? I didn't even know you liked karate? Why
didn't you come say hello?"

"I don't like karate as such. Let's just say I have other interests in
being there. You looked pretty psyched up before the bout so I didn't want
to break your concentration. After the fight you were pretty down, so I
thought I'd better leave you alone."

"Next time you come you better make sure you say hello. I'd love to
introduce you to my coach, I'm sure you two would hit it off. You guys are
the best two friends I have."

Stevie suddenly realised what he was saying and shut up before he blurted
out just how much he liked Aaron. It was as though the massaging was
breaking down his defences and releasing his inhibitions. It felt better
than he ever thought it would, and it was his fantasy guy who was giving it
to him.

"This feels fantastic Aaron. Where did you learn to do this? You take a
course or something?"

"No course. I've just had plenty of practice. My brother used to play
football and I just to soothe his muscles after the game because the nerve
in his shoulder used to seize up from time to time. You kind of pick up
things along the way about what feels good."

Aaron glanced over the shoulder of his friend while he worked on those
muscles and noticed that Stevie was enjoying the massage very much indeed.
The front of his pants were tented out and it looked like the beginnings of
a wet spot forming at the head.

"Stevie, if you like I could give you a full body massage. Why don't you
lie down on the table here and I could work on your back muscles?"

"Okay, you're the boss." Said Stevie, never missing an opportunity to have
Aaron's hands upon him.

Steven got off the chair and lay out on the table with his arms and legs
dangling off the sides, while Aaron went to work on Stevie's back. The
heels of his Aaron's palms worked their way down Steven's back in small
circles, taking away the aches of stretched muscles. Lower, and lower those
hands travelled until they rested at Stevie's lower back. It had become
more than just a therapeutic massage as those hands hovered over Steven's
buttocks. To hold those twin orbs in his palms would take both guys to a
place where neither would be willing to turn back from. It was the time of
reckoning a time where both wanted to give in to their desires, being
unaware of the other's lust. Aaron's hand moved over those pert buns and
felt the warmth and solidness beneath him. A sigh escaped from Steven's
lips as Aaron kneaded those huge muscles as though he was a baker preparing
the dough.

Steven felt his hardness grinding against the tabletop, as Aaron worked on
him from above. He felt those hands taking him to a new plain for pleasure
and he did not want it to stop. But he wanted Aaron to stop working on his
arse so he could turn over and show Aaron just how much he really wanted
him. He wanted his fantasy man to take his hard member in his hands and
bring him to a joyous climax. Then he wanted to get down on his knees and
give his boss a blowjob right here in the restaurant where they worked.
There was much that both boys wanted to happen, but this was as far as it
was going to get for now. The shift crew began arriving and the massage was
abruptly halted. Aaron noticed the pulsing member of Stevie's as he got off
the table. Seven noticed Aaron's hard phallus as he glanced down at his
friend as they made their way behind the counter. In that moment both knew
of the other's desire, but for now it would have to wait.

Within minutes of the first arrival, the restaurant began to fill with
hungry patrons eager to get their morning fill before the dawning of a new
working day. Stevie was assigned to the drive-thru while Aaron hovered
around the front counter. Both were too busy to think about the turn of
events of the morning even though both wanted to say something to the
other, to tell each other know it was okay. Stevie was thinking about how
Aaron's hands felt on him as another car pulled up to the window.

"Good morning, can I take your order please?" said Stevie.

"Hi stud. Can I have a burger and a blowjob?" asked the driver.

Stevie's head jerked up as he looked out at the insolent driver. It was
none other than George Fragopoulos, the dude who had kicked his butt in the
karate tournament, smiling at Stevie's discomfort while groping himself.

"Will you keep it down?" said Stevie looking around worriedly in case one
of his co-workers had overhead George's comments. "You'll get me in trouble
with my boss."

"Don't worry stud, I've got it all in hand. So you want to give me a blow
to start the day for me?"

"Did you just come here to hassle me and get me fired?"

"You won't get fired, believe me. But I've got these free breakfast coupons
and I've come here to use them. Having you here is a bonus. I tell ya what,
instead of giving me head in front of your friends, you can meet me when
you get off work down behind the Christian Brothers College ovals, off
Wakefields. I normally do a few laps down there before a workout and you
can help me out."

"What makes you think I'm going to even show?"

"You'll show, stud. You want a taste of this." Said George, giving his dick
another squeeze. "And if you don't, I'll just have to tell your boss here
how much you like my dick."

"You wouldn't dare."

"I won't have to because you'll do what I say anyway. Now get me my
breakfast like a good boy and I'll see you later. I'm going to make it
worth your while, believe me. Might even be a surprise or two in store for

Stevie didn't even acknowledge that last remark and went about filling
George's breakfast order. The guy was an insolent prick who thought he
could get his own way. No way was he going to show up at the Ovals. George
had no proof and it would be just his word against Stevie's. But the
rumours would do the damage, Stevie had seen how the gossip mongers had
destroyed friendships, reputations and budding relationships. Stevie had to
get the upperhand and the only way to do this would be to confront George
after work away from his co-workers. He decided to do it after work, but
first he had to decide what to do about Aaron. Why did life have to be so
"You'll show, stud. You want a taste of this. I'm going to make it worth
your while, believe me. Might even be a surprise or two in store for you".

Those words echoed through Steven's mind, as he sat at the Drive Thru of
the Burger King restaurant, filling the breakfast orders of hungry patrons.
George Fragopolous, who had become Stevie's nemesis, had dropped in and
given an special order that he wanted Steve to fill after work. Every time
there was a break in traffic orders, Stevie's mind filled up with the
vision of George. He was wearing a blue mesh top with 69 emblazoned across
its front. You could see his taunt muscles bulging beneath the material and
his pert nipples stood out, signalling his excitement. George leaned back
in his seat when he knew he had Stevie's interest and one hand lifted up
his top to reveal his belly, and that lovely treasure trail which dove down
into the blue boxers that he was wearing under his track pants. His
hardness was clearly visible as it throbbed in his pants. To emphasise his
interest, George gave his dick another squeeze. Stevie looked at him
groping himself; he couldn't tear his eyes away. He realised George was
watching him and he looked up and their eyes met, before Steven looked away.

The scary part was that this prick was one hell of a spunk, and part of
Stevie actually wanted to jump over the counter, dive through George's open
window, land in his lap and give him the blow job he was craving. But he
also knew that the moment he did, he would become the dude's sex slave
forever. He had never had sex with anyone before, and he wanted it to be
special, to be with someone he loved. So no matter how many times he had
these lustful thoughts about guys, he never acted upon them. Otherwise his
karate coach and his work manager would be getting more sex than they could
handle from him. Stevie especially didn't want it to be with some guy who
thinks he's God's gift to women, but still needs guys to give him head
because he can't get any with the girls. The way George carried on, Stevie
was already his sex slave, almost as though he was used to this kind of
thing. Stevie wondered if George is Bi, or a closet gay? Maybe George's
reputation is a smoke screen after all. There had to be a way out of this,
but right now, Steven didn't know what it was. Just the same, he was going
to confront George after work and put an end to the hassling.

As the lunch crew began to file into the restaurant, Stevie finished
tidying up and went over to Aaron who was also getting ready to leave.

"You going too, Aaron?" asked Stevie by way of conversation.

"Yeah, I've got to go to the bank and make a deposit before it closes.
Listen, we have to talk about this morning, but I'm running late for my
appointment. Can we talk about it tomorrow before work?"

"Look, don't sweat it, Aaron. You give a great massage and I was
disappointed we had to stop, it felt awesome. I appreciated you helping me
out, it means a lot to me."

"Really?" asked Aaron, now beaming with a huge grin, "We could do it some
more if you like? The massage I mean. I didn't get the chance to make a
good job of it, I mean only half finishing it. How about I come around to
your place tonight and finish what we started?"

"Umm, I don't know."

"Come on, Stevie. You'll enjoy it. It will me fun. If start to feel
uncomfortable I'll stop, no biggie. Is Eight O'clock okay with you?"

"Okay then."

"Sweet, I'll see you tonight then." Said Aaron giving me a nudge and a grin
and walking out to his car.

"Wait, I haven't told you where I live?"

"I already know, big guy. See you tonight, gotta rush."

Suddenly Steven was on cloud 9 because his fantasy man knew where he lived
and would be coming over to meet him tonight. Its no big deal, thought
Stevie, of course the manager would know where all his employees lived.
Besides it wouldn't take much to look it up on the computer anyway. It
still gave Stevie a thrill, knowing that Aaron cared enough to know where
he lived. It put a smile on his face as he walked through the city on his
way home.

Since he was going passed this way, on route to the Christian Brothers
College, he decided to pick his 35mm camera that was being repaired. He
grabbed a couple of rolls of film as well because there were bound to be
some hot studs working out on the ovals and Stevie liked nothing better
than to take shots of hot studs who were half-naked and had large bulges
protruding from tight shorts and track pants. He'd purchased a special
telephoto lens for the camera that got him really close to the action
without his subjects knowing they were being photographed. It set him back
a fair bit, but it was worth it for some of the shots he got. He had more
photos in his private collection than he showed to most people and more
than one had a few cum stains on them, too. He was going to make sure this
rendezvous with George wasn't going to be a total waste. He might even get
a few choice pics of the stud as well.

It was a warm sunny day, and Stevie had worked up a bit of a sweat by the
time he made it down to the ovals behind Wakefields. The ovals themselves
were deserted as all the school kids were still in class, but two figures
had just finished doing some laps and could be seen doing stretches to cool
down. As he got closer, Stevie noticed that one of those figures was
wearing a blue mesh top with 69 emblazoned across its front, so Stevie knew
he had come to the right place. He decided to sneak around and approach the
ovals from the other side. The grounds were set beside parklands on the far
side, and the school kids often used the bush to hide from teachers while
taking a smoke. From this vantagepoint, Stevie had a perfect view of the
George and his friend, being hidden by the foliage along the side of the
oval. The trees cast shadows over the area, and unless Stevie walked out of
the shadows, no one would know he was there. He decided to try out his
camera, and loaded a roll of film into it in preparation for a few shots.

As Steven focused his camera on the two boys with their hands on each
other's shoulder for balance while stretching their hamstrings and calves,
he realised George's companion was none other than Brad. He used to be part
of the karate squad until he moved to the other side of the city. He and
Stevie used to compete for the captaincy on many occasions with Stevie
always being the better man. There was no love lost between the two of
them, though they had always respected each other, despite being friendly
rivals. It was actually a relief when Brad stopped training and a lot of
the tension in the squad disappeared. No one realised how tense everyone
was around Brad until he left. He always seemed on edge, and only the coach
seemed to be able to control him. It was ironic that he was now hanging
with George, Stevie's current nemesis.

Both guys stopped stretching and stood up, though Brad did not take his
hands away from George's shoulders. George's glance darted around looking
to see if anyone else was around.

"Feels like you have a bit of tension in those shoulders. Why do you keep
looking around? You've been like the cat that doesn't want to be caught
with the canary in its mouth. You expecting someone?"

"I told you we were going to get rid of our built up tensions. I was hoping
the dude to do it would be here by now."

"Chill out, Georgie. I'll take care of you until the dude arrives."

Brad moved around behind George and started massaging his shoulders. It
felt good to have Brad work on those shoulders. George didn't realise how
tense he was, or how good Brad's fingers where to get deep into those
knotted muscles of his neck. George was practically purring under Bradley's
caress. Those hands moved down from the shoulder and neck and slipped down
under the mesh top, then up to those pectoral muscles and pert nipples. One
hand pinched and squeezed a nipple while the other hand rubbed around those
abdominals and then down into George's pants to massage his groin and
pubes. He felt Brad's hot breath on his neck, and boner pushing against his
ass. George's own dick had blown up to full size and wanted Brad's hand
wrapped around it. Georgie didn't expect Brad to come on to him, but he
liked it really well.

Stevie couldn't believe what he was seeing. Brad, the macho stud of the
karate squad, was fondling a guy and kissing him on the neck. The telephoto
lens zoomed in to show about 9 inches of steel poking out from the leg of
Brad's loose-fitting jogging shorts before he moved din to rub it between
those tight buns of George's behind. It was a feeling that George obviously
enjoyed as his own track pants had tented out as Brad's hand groped around
him there. Steve began to wish he had brought more than just a couple of
rolls of film with him. He expected to get a few shirtless shots as the
guys worked out, but this workout was even better than he had hoped. It was
lucky the camera was autofocus, as Steve was absorbed in the heavy petting
going on down on the oval.

Brad had moved around in front of George, and looked into his hungry eyes
and smiled knowing that George wanted it as much as he did. This was the
first time that Stevie had seen Brad smile. It was a very nice smile, which
seemed to light up his face. Stevie thought Brad would have got a lot more
out of the squad if he had smiled more instead of walking around with a
continual scowl. Stevie realised that he was actually attracted to Brad,
and wished that he were there in Bradley's arms instead of George. Brad had
dark wavy hair that hung down one side over those nice brown eyes, and he
was forever pushing it back, except when he wore his bandanna on his head.
Stevie's lens wandered all over Brad's taut body as Stevie saw his friend
in a new light. The contours of his muscles in his back were easily seen
through the dampness of the sweat on his shirt. His body definitely looked
hot and photographed nicely. He was going to be a welcome addition to
Stevie's collection.

Standing there looking into each other's eyes, Brad slowly put his hand on
George's thigh. George jerked away for a second but then Brad tried it a
second time. This time George didn't pull away. He just let Brad do what he
wanted. Brad moved in and started kissing and biting George's neck, like a
vampire hungry for a kill, while his hands slid up my George's thighs and
massaging his groin. Stevie felt a stirring in his groin as he recorded the
action on film. Stevie wanted Brad to blow George so he could see that hard
piece of meat once more and photograph it. As if reading Stevie's thoughts,
Brad dropped to his knees and pulled down George's pants. His touch was
very gentle and soothing on George's hot body. Those expert hands took
George's throbber and began to manipulate that muscle as George picked up
the rhythm with his fucking hips. Stevie took picture after picture as that
pecker slid in and out of Brad's hands. The look of hunger and joy on both
boys' faces showed how much they enjoyed giving each other pleasure.

With Brad on his knees, George wanted him to put his mouth on his big juicy
cock, and suck his dick, but Brad had other plans. Once George had a rhythm
going and was really getting into it, Brad stopped and let go of that
throbbing boner. He watched as it pulsed on its own, mere inches away from
his mouth. George looked down at his friend through eyes glazed with lust,
realising that his dick was not being worked over.

"Why did you ?"

"Shhh." Said Brad as he stood up and deep throated his friend in a long
hard kiss.

He began fucking his mouth with his tongue while continuing to masturbate
George's monkey. George was being over-stimulated and knew that he would
not last much longer. His balls were churning up a load that promised to
flood the whole oval in a sea of hot jism. Once more at the height of
passion, Bradd stopped jerking his friend and pulled back from the kiss.
Now Brad had his friend where he wanted him, willing to do anything to get
off. The look in George's eyes said it all. He dropped his pants and pushed
George down onto his knees. He thrust his hips forward and buried George's
face in his groin. Immediately George opened his mouth and took Brad's huge
pecker all the way as though he had swallowed this whopper before. Who ever
thought that George would be seen being face fucked and loving it?

Everyone was right into the action, including Stevie who was almost through
his second roll of film. No one knew how difficult it was to watch two hot
studs get off on each other, while trying to take photos, and have your own
throbbing bone crave for attention as well. The second roll was finished
and Stevie peeked over the camera in time to see someone in the distance
jogging towards the boys. Another jogger had come onto the grounds and the
boys were oblivious to the new presence making his way towards them.
Stevie's first instinct was to yell out to George and Brad so they wouldn't
be caught, but it would also give away his position and role in this
voyeuristic exchange. They would have to take their own chances with this

Closer and closer the jogger came as Brad continued to plow George's face
with his hard member. The jogger stopped when he spotted the two boys hard
at it, and then continued to walk towards them. Brad noticed the intruder
and pulled his dick from George's mouth and nodded towards the jogger.
George looked over towards where Brad indicated, smiled and got to his
feet. He walked over towards the jogger, wrapped his arms around his waist,
and gave the intruder a long hard kiss. Stevie's camera clattered to the
ground as it fell from his hands. He could not believe his eyes. There, in
Stevie peeked over the camera in time to see another jogger in the distance
come onto the grounds and the boys were oblivious to the new presence making
his way towards them. Stevie's first instinct was to yell out to George and
Brad so they wouldn't be caught, but it would also give away his position
and role in this voyeuristic exchange. They would have to take their own
chances with this intruder. The jogger stopped when he spotted the two boys
hard at it, and then continued to walk towards them. George looked over,
smiled and got to his feet and walked over towards the jogger watching them.
He wrapped his arms around his waist, and gave the intruder a long hard
kiss. At first Brad was blocking the view of the intruder, but when Brad
moved Stevie's camera clattered to the ground as it fell from his hands. He
could not believe his eyes. There, in the arms of his nemesis, was his own
fantasy-man, Aaron.

Steven was stunned. The morning shift manager of Burger King, his early
morning friend and confidante, and the man of his jerk-off fantasies, was
now in the arms of the karate kid who has been tormenting him. His first
thought was to walk up behind George and give him an axe-kick on the side of
the head while he was deep-throating his friend. Then he thought better of
it because he would have to deal with Brad as well. He was angry enough to
take them both on, but while he couldn't control his anger, they had the
advantage. Instead he decided to bid a silent retreat back into the bush and
then around behind the ovals and disappear unnoticed. He needed some time to
think about this. He just could not believe that Aaron could be intimate
with a prick like George. So as silently as he arrived, Stevie slipped away
leaving the three guys on the ovals to have their fun.

Stevie was gone and didn't see Aaron push George away from him.

"What do you think you're doing?" asked George.

"You've had your fun, George. I've done what you asked, I'm here. But it
doesn't mean I have to play your games with you and your toy boy here."

"You have it wrong, Aaron. You're my toy boy, and you will do what I ask and
play my games for as long as I say so. Just remember I have a video of you
getting it off with that young stud, Ricky, and unless you want me to put it
on the net for all to see, you are going to jump when I say jump, and beg
for more. You got it?"

"You're going too far, George. This is a not the place to play your control
games. This is a public place next to school grounds. If we're caught here
we are all dead."

"He's right, George. Maybe we should take it somewhere more private. " said
Brad, "Why did you choose this spot anyway?"

"I was hoping someone else would be here for the party. But let's go over
into the bush for a little more privacy then. But first you're going to do a
little strip-tease for us, Burger boy, just so you know who the Masters are

"What here??"

"Don't talk back to me Burger boy! From now on you don't speak unless I tell
you to speak. Now get those clothes off so we can see those blonde pubes of

Aaron glared at his new Master, but knew he was unable to do anything yet.
As long as George had that tape, he was under his control. He slipped the
t-shirt over his head, and then lowered those red satin jogging shorts down
to his knees, revealing a pair of light blue briefs that had begun to bulge
despite Aaron's better judgement.

"Looks like Burger boy is enjoying this as much as we are, George."

"Okay Burger boy, you can leave the clothes here. Let's go into the bushes
and get down to some real fun."

Aaron was relieved they let him keep his briefs on out here in the open, but
wasn't too keen on having to leave his shorts and T-shirt behind. He threw
them over to the thicker scrub beside the oval where the bushtrack lead down
into the clearing deeper into the bush. At least no one would run off with
the clothes unless they were looking for them. It didn't take long for them
to get to the clearing that was away from prying eyes. Aaron was thankful
for that, at least. He didn't know what these two had planned for him, but
the bulges in their shorts hadn't died down, so he knew it was not going to
be good in some ways. Part of him also liked the idea of being slave to two
such hot guys as George and Brad.

Aaron hadn't notice the two boys come up on either side of him. Each grabbed
an arm and brought him over to a large gum tree with a nice smooth trunk,
which felt good against his bare skin. Pinned against the tree, George and
Brad started kissing him and fondling his balls and dick through the thin
material of his briefs. Brad began working his way down Aaron's body,
licking his neck, shoulders, and chest until he found those nice hard
nipples. Meanwhile George had knelt in front of Aaron and was playing with
his erection as it stuck out of Aaron's blue briefs. When he was fully hard,
George tore the briefs from Aaron's body.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing??" shouted Aaron who had been engrossed
in Brad's nipple play.

George stood up and pinned Aaron to the tree. Aaron could feel his erection
sparring with George's own boner confined in his shorts. They were face to
face, body to body, eye to eye. George had a stern look in his eye, and for
the first time Aaron was afraid. George liked the look of fear he saw in
those eyes and softened a little, though a leer stretched out that face of

"I think that we're going to have to give you a demonstration of who is the
boss around here. I told you not to talk unless I said you could, remember?"

A look of shock and fear came over Aaron's face. He could both try and fight
his way out against two karate kids, or he would have to face whatever
punishment was in store for him. Either option was not encouraging. The
adrenaline rush Aaron experienced started him shaking. But it was more than
just fear, there was also a sense of excitement about what was about to
happen. His cock grew harder than he ever remembered it getting.

"Look at the hardon throbbing in his briefs, George!" exclaimed Brad.

"Do your job first", said George, "We have plenty of time to play later."

While George had Aaron pinned to the tree, Brad had taken out some rope from
their hidden place and tied each of Aaron's hands and feet. These he wrapped
around behind the tree and pulled them tight. Now his arms were tied around
behind the tree and his ankles were spread wide.

"There". Said George stepping back and looking at their tied up slave.

"What are we going to do with him now?" asked Brad while licking his lips.

"Well I had hoped that our Burger King here was going to have a little
Prince to play with, but since he isn't here, you'll get to do whatever you
want with him Bradley boy. You'd like that wouldn't you?"

"Oh yeah!" smiled Brad, unable to take his eyes off the bulge in Aaron's

George noticed Brad was entranced by Aaron's cloth covered prick, like a
puppy being teased by a bone.

"Here, let me start things off for you, Brad."

George reached into his bag that was also hidden in the bushes and pulled
out a pocketknife and a pair of socks. The socks looked like that had been
worn and George scrunched one of the socks up and made a ball of it. Aaron
was wary of what George was going to do with the socks and the knife, but he
thought better than to protest just yet. He wasn't in much of a position to
complain anyway.

Suddenly George was up against him and has stripped to his briefs too. He
moved over to Aaron, and pressed his body up against his tied captive. Their
chest hairs mingled while their hardening cocks meshed together as well.
George kissed Aaron on the cheek as his breath sent a shiver of anticipation
through Aaron. Then he bent over him and began licking his neck. The feel of
George's tongue was soothing on Aaron's skin. His dick throbbed
involuntarily as George began to tongue his way down Aaron's body. When he
came to the nipples, George began lightly biting first one then the other of
Aaron's nipples. Aaron moaned as George's mouth did its work on him.

In the meantime, Brad had stripped off naked and was slowly jerking his
pulsating prick as he watched his friend kiss and lick their captive. Not
wanting to miss out on the fun, Brad crawled over to the tree and began to
lick both Aaron and George's legs as well. He licked from one leg all the
way across to the other as George gyrated his hips against Aaron's. He
licking legs all the way up the ankle, knee, and then thigh to the hip of
Aaron's and then across to George's hip and back down George's leg,
stimulating both boys. With his nipples getting a workover from George, and
Brad giving his leg a tongue bath, Aaron began to enjoy being captive to
these guys.

George lowered himself down Aaron's body, as Brad began to french kiss with
Aaron. Being tied up and getting kissed, Aaron failed to notice that George
had the pocketknife in his hand and had cut away the briefs that covered
Aaron's now hard, throbbing member. It was when the cool breeze caressed his
groin that Aaron realised he was naked, but at that moment he did not care.
His body was being taken to sexual heights he had not anticipated. With
Aaron's cock now hanging free, George went to work on it, lapping up the
drops of precum oozing from the head before deep-throating it as Brad moved
over to continue working on Aaron's hard nipples. The thrill of having sex
outdoors combined with the bondage scenario heightened the sexual pleasure
of all three boys who were getting close to eruption.

Brad was the first one to explode. He was humping Aaron's leg while sucking
on Aaron's tongue. The pleasure he began to feel was indescribable! Without
someone sucking his rod or pulling it, Brad wasn't prepared for the level of
pleasure he was experiencing sucking on Aaron's tongue and humping his leg.
He began to feel his balls tighten up and he knew he couldn't hold back any
longer. He wanted this release, and he needed this release. He grabbed
Aaron's dick in his hands and began thrusting his own boner in between his
hands and Aaron's cock. The double stimulation of his own hands and someone
else's bone was enough to send Brad over the edge. It felt so incredible
that he almost lost his balance as spurt after spurt was released, covering
Aaron in the hot jism.

In the meantime George had retrieved some strips of leather and while Brad
was once more kissing Aaron in post-orgasmic pleasure, he slipped the cords
around Aaron's hard cock and balls and tied them off tightly. Aaron screamed
at the sudden tightness felt around his balls. At first he thought that
George had taken the knife to them and cut them off. In actual fact he had
Aaron in a homemade cockring that prevented Aaron from shooting his load.

"Now my turn to have some fun with our Burger boy here." Leered
George, "But first we'll have to make sure you don't scream again."

George walked over to Aaron and pulled hard on his tied up balls. The pain
went through Aaron's entire groin and he screamed in sudden pain. George
took this opportunity to stuff the balled up sock in Aaron's mouth, and used
the other sock to tie around his head in an improvised gag.

"That should do nicely." Smiled George admiring his handiwork.

At that moment the school bell resounded throughout the grounds.

"Shit! That means school kids are going to be all over here in a minute.
Grab your stuff, Brad. We'll have to save our fun for another time."

"What about the dude? Are we just going to leave him here?"

"I don't see why not? He should have been here sooner so we could have our
fun. This will be a lesson to him for not doing what he is told."

So Brad and George gathered up their things as Brad watched in horror at the
thought of being left here.

"We have another tournament on the weekend, Burger boy, and you are going to
be there. When it's over, we are going to have our fun. You got that?"

Aaron nodded, being unable to speak. George smiled and slapped Brad on the
shoulder before the two of them departed, leaving Aaron tied to the tree. He
struggled to release his bonds but to no avail.

Just then he heard voices, and the sounds of people walking through the bush
in his direction. Here he was tied up and with a raging hardon that wouldn't
go down, couldn't go down because it too was tied. Hopefully they would
untie him and set him free from this humiliation. It had all been a
strangely erotic nightmare.

"Whoa, guys! Look what I've found, you won't believe it!"
Stevie looked over at the clock for about the hundredth time. It now read
8:35pm. It had been several hours since he'd witnessed the morning shift
manager of Burger King, his early morning friend and confidante, and the
man of his jerk-off fantasies, in the arms of the karate kid who has been
tormenting him. He just could not believe that Aaron could be intimate with
a prick like George. Had he stayed there, Stevie would have seen that Aaron
was a reluctant participant in this relationship, having been drawn to it
in the same way George was trying to recruit Stevie. He also failed to see
his boss get tied to the tree with George and Brad making love to Aaron,
before they left him there as the bell from the nearby school sounded.

An hour earlier, Stevie was ready to give Aaron a piece of his mind and
confront him about what he saw. However now, with each passing moment,
Stevie became more and more concerned about his friend. Aaron wanted to
come over to Stevie's place tonight to give him the massage he didn't get
to finish in the early hours of the morning. They decided to make a date
and to meet at Stevie's place at eight o'clock. It was not like Aaron to
stand anyone up. After all, it was his idea in the first place to meet. If
he got held up, he would have called. It was Aaron's way. Stevie called
Aaron's place, but got the answering machine. (He'd got Aaron's home number
some time ago but was always afraid to use it) Next he called the Burger
King restaurant, but they hadn't seen him since this afternoon either. Now
Stevie was really worried.

It would be silly to think that he would still be over at the ovals since
it was several hours now since Stevie had last seen Aaron there, but a
little voice in the back of Stevie's mind told him to go check it out
anyway. Within minutes he was at the ovals but it was too dark to see
anyone around. Taking out his flashlight, he retraced his steps of this
afternoon back to where he had seen Aaron and George kissing. It was almost
as though he still expected to see the three of them still at it, but the
ovals were empty. It was then that he noticed some discarded clothes were
thrown into the scrub just off the side of the oval. Immediately he
recognised the clothing, it was Aaron's.

Just up from where he found the clothes was a dirt track leading into the
bush. On a hunch, Stevie decided to follow the track. Deeper and deeper
into the bush he went until he came to a clearing that was secluded from
the oval nearby. He noticed some ropes that were tied to a tree, which was
unusual to find here. A sudden moan to the side of him, startled Stevie and
he whizzed the beam of light around to find a naked body had been stretched
out and tied face down around a log. He knew that body anywhere, even
without clothes. He had found Aaron at last.

'Oh my god,' thought Stevie. 'What did they do to him? If he's hurt in any
way I'm going to kill the bastards.'

Aaron's head moved around as the light beam alighted on his body and Stevie
noticed that he was gagged and unable to speak. He also noticed a
pocketknife on the ground beside the log and he used this to cut the bonds
around Aaron's hands and feet. Aaron's legs were wide apart and it was
obvious that more that one person had their way with Aaron. Stevie didn't
know whether to shout in rage or cry in sorrow at what Aaron must have been
put through. Next laid Aaron down in the coma position and removed the gag
to find a balled-up sock had also been inserted in Aaron's mouth. Aaron had
seemed unconscious and Stevie was worried he might have choked to death
until he noticed him breathing and he had a steady pulse. Stevie had always
wanted Aaron naked in his arms, but this was not the way he expected it to
be. He noticed that Aaron's groin was also bound and released him when
Aaron stirred.

"Nooooo.." he shouted and sat upright.

"It's okay Aaron. Everything is going to be alright now. You're safe."

"Steven? Is it really you?"

"Yes it is. But don't worry about it right now. Let me get you back home
where its warm. Come on."

Stevie helped Aaron to his feet, and helped him put on his discarded shorts
they could make it home without being arrested. Once they were home, Stevie
got a blanket for Aaron and started a bath. A nice warm bath would help
wash away the aches and pains and hopefully some of the memories too. So
while the bath was running, andd Aaron had dozed off again while huddled in
the blanket. Stevie called his karate coach, Adam, to come over and help
him out. He explained the situation and the state he found Aaron in to his
Sensei. As it turned out, Adam also had a doctor friend whom they could
confide in, and they came over right away to give Aaron a checkout to make
sure there was no serious damage done. The doctor then helped Aaron into
the bath and left some sleeping pills with Stevie in case he needed them.

By this time Adam had returned with some of Aaron's things as well as his
car which Aaron had left on the other side of the ovals. He also brought in
the overnight bag and some clothes that Aaron had requested.

"We're going to have to do something about George and Brad." Said Adam when
he was alone with Stevie.

"I'm not even sure if they were the ones who did this to him, Sensei. I
mean they seemed really friendly the last time I saw them. I couldn't
believe they would do something like this."

"That George has always had a bit of a mean streak in him. But its better
we don't do anything until we get the full story from your friend. Will you
two be all right?"

"Yeah, we'll be fine. Thanks for your help, Adam. I don't know what I would
have done without you."

"When are your parents due home?"

"Not until the following Monday."

"Well I'm only a phone call away if you need anything. You better go and
check on your friend to make sure he doesn't fall asleep in the shower and
we'll talk tomorrow."

"Will do. Thanks again."

"Hey, I have to look after my sexy Champions anyway." Said Adam with a wink
before walking out the door.

Stevie helped Aaron with the bath, and amid some feeble protests from Aaron
who had regained some of his strength, gave him a couple of the pills the
doctor had left, helped Aaron into some boxers and put him in Stevie's bed
to sleep it off. Stevie slept in the bedside chair, keeping vigil over his
friend for the night. He could have slept in the same bed, but in light of
the circumstances he thought he chair was the better option. They both
slept until the early hours of the morning when Stevie's alarm went off. As
Aaron didn't stir, Stevie got changed for work and look Aaron's keys and
left him a note in case he woke while Stevie was gone. Aaron looked so
peaceful sleeping there in Stevie's bed that Stevie couldn't resist giving
him a kiss on the forehead and a gentle rub on his cheek. He didn't want to
leave Aaron alone but someone had to open up the restaurant or they would
both lose their jobs, so he reluctantly left his fantasy boy alone in
slumber in his bed.

It was lucky that Stevie decided to go and open up work, too, because he
had forgotten that the maintenance guy wasn't going to be there either. So
it was that Stevie occupied his time filling cloth buckets with warm,
sanitized water to wash down the benches, changing the oil in the cooking
vats, informing the other manager of Aaron's unavailability due to food
poisoning and doing what he normally does until the breakfast crew arrived.
Then it was a made rush of cooking eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes in
between running down to the other end of the store to take orders for
drive-thru. Throughout all of this, his mind was on the health and well
being of his friend in his bed. Normally he'd stay on for a while after his
shift to see if Aaron needed a hand with anything, but today it was home a
minute after it was knock-off time.

When he got home, he found Aaron sitting on the couch in the living room,
still in his boxers.

"Hi Stevie, I can't thank you enough for all that you've done for me, for
last night and today. I am really in your debt, y'know."

"Nah, you would have done it for me if I was in need."

"Well I appreciate it just the same. I guess I have a few things to explain
to you now. It's not exactly how I envisioned this but there's no avoiding
it now."

"You don't have anything to explain. I understand."

"No, I don't think you do. Stevie, I'm gay."

"I know. I saw you and George earlier in the day."

"You saw us?"

"Yeah, George is trying to blackmail me and he asked me to be over at
Wakefields just before you arrived. I was in the bushes watching George and
Brad go at it when you arrived. I'm cool with you being gay, even if you
and George are an item. Kind of took me back seeing you and George together
but I forgot all of that when I saw how helpless you were tied to the log."

Aaron starred at his friend, stunned by some of the implications of what
Stevie just said. It took him a moment to clear his thoughts.

"First up, George is not my boyfriend. He has been blackmailing me as well.
He caught me and Ricky going at it, back at the restaurant, and threatened
to post pics and videos of us on the net if I didn't answer his every whim.
He also found out that I had the hots for you and made me point you out at
the last tournament to make sure you were the guy I was talking about.
That's why I didn't go over to you after the match because I felt like a
Judas betraying the one I loved."

"So that's why he hit on me in the changerooms? To see if I'd respond?"

"I'm sorry Stevie, I really didn't want you to get involved in all of this."

"Look, George is no longer an issue. I have pics of him and Brad going at
it, that I developed last night. They're graphic enough to shut him up and
keep him off our backs. I'll set up a website and tell him that if he so
much as breathes our air, the site address will be announced in all the
newsgroups as well as emailed to some of his closest friends. I am sure
George won't bother us anymore."

"Actually, I should thank George."

"Thank him? Why?"

"If he didn't do what he did to us, you wouldn't have come out to me."

"Umm, yeah. I never thought you were gay, Aaron, though I've always wanted

"Now you have me. Now we have each other."

Aaron then proceeded to explain how he had rejected George just after
Stevie had departed, and how Brad and George had tied him to a tree and
turned him on and got off on the bondage scenario. He also related how they
were interrupted by the school bell and how they decided to leave him tied
naked to the tree by whoever traveled that way. It turned out that a gang
of Seniors had come to the clearing for a smoko and found Aaron there bound
and naked. They all took turns jacking Aaron off to the point of orgasm
before shooting their loads over him, and laughing that Aaron couldn't come
because of the improvised cock ring. They then decided they wanted more
than just a jerkoff, so they held Aaron at knifepoint while releasing him
and tying him to a nearby log. There they were able to feed him their meat
at both ends while getting off with their bound captive. When they all came
a second time, they left Aaron bound to the tree and went on their way.

"It sounds like some kind of S&M fantasy, if it wasn't against your will."
Said Stevie who was now on the couch besides Aaron. Aaron had his hand on
Stevie's thigh as he related the story.

"Now that I think about it, it was a bit of a turnon, but I was also scared
shitless most of the time. Having half a dozen guys at all once was pretty
amazing. For guys who were supposed to be straight they sure knew how to
feed me their dicks while plugging me at the same time. "

"It's a wonder you can even sit down at all."

"Well, we won't go into my sordid past and my miraculous feats of endurance
and sexual prowess." Smiled Aaron brushing the hair back from Stevie's
eyes. "Not now that we have the future to look forward to with you and I."

"Umm, I don't know if I can do that, Aaron. I've never done anything like
that before with anyone."

"Then let me be your teacher and friend. I want to make love to you,
Stevie. I have loved you since the first time you set foot in the
restaurant. Please don't deny me now."

"You sure we should do this? I mean you've just been through a hell of an
ordeal. Maybe you should rest some more until you get your ..."

Aaron moved closer to Stevie and put an arm around him. At last Stevie
could feel the soft skin of his fantasy man around his neck. One hand was
around his neck while the other hand moved under his shirt and was rubbing
his chest, and Steven forgot what he was saying. All the while Aaron was
looking Stevie right in the eye, to make sure his newfound lover was okay
with this. The initial startled rabbit look dissolved, when Aaron's lips
met his. At first it was the gentle peck on the lips. When no resistance
was met, Aaron's tongue glided slowly over Steven's lips as though begging
for entry. At the same time, he tweaked Stevie's nipple. As Stevie moaned
in joy at the double stimulation, Aaron moved in and pressed his lips
against Stevie's open mouth. Now was the time to release the passion of the
moment. Aaron had wanted to do this for so long, that he couldn't back out
now. He was sure that Steven wanted this as much as he did. Now he would
find out for sure.

His tongue snaked out seeking prey, and Stevie was encoiled in a lover's
embrace, experiencing his first french kiss. Steven felt Aaron's tongue
exploring around his mouth and lips before he finally got the courage to
sample that sensation with his own tongue. Like two snakes, the tongues
sparred from one mouth to the other. He felt new sensations that were
neither experienced nor imagined by Stevie for the first time. He was in
the hands of a real pleasure stud. Stevie's senses were in overload, he
writhed under the manipulation of Aaron's nipple play, he swooned at the
sweet aroma of Aaron's body, and he savoured the taste of Aaron in his
mouth as their tongues entwined in loving caress. Stevie wrapped his arms
around Aaron and returned the love. The last vestige of hesitance was
broken, as he gave in to the pleasure that Aaron was providing. Resistance
is futile. He was now a part of the collective. Two minds become one and
their only thought was to please each other in every possible way.

"Now look what you did to us." Aaron said smiling when they finally came up
for air, pointing down to his tented boxers and Steven's bulging pants.

He grabbed Steven's hand and placed it over the bulge in his boxers,
humping the hand as he pressed it against him. Stevie had the cock of his
dreams in his hand for the first time and he could feel its hardness
beneath the silky cotton material of the boxers. It felt so good in his
hand that he wanted to get it out and feel its warmth.

"Go on, take it out." Said Aaron as if reading Stevie's thoughts.

"I, ah, I can't." said Steven nervously.

"Then maybe I should make you a little more comfortable first, then."

Aaron got up from the chair and knelt down in front of Stevie who now had a
large bulge in the front of his pants.

"That's a nice bulge you have there, Steven." Said Aaron placing his hand
over the bulge and giving it a squeeze. Stevie moaned in pleasure at the

Aaron continued to fondle that package with one hand while putting with
Stevie's chest and nipples with the hand beneath his shirt. When a patch of
precum formed on Stevie's pants, Aaron decided to take it to the next
level. He stood up and straddled Stevie's hips, resting his buns right over
the top of Stevie's hard member. He rocked back and forwards a couple of
times to let his lover know he was still in control. Then he pulled off
Stevie's Burger King vest and then undid the buttons on Stevie's shirt, one
at a time, before pulling it off him. He placed his hands over Stevie's
chest and he felt his heart thumping wildly under the eortic ministrations
of his friend.

"Don't worry Stevie, I'll look after you." He said to console his friend as
he leaned in to kiss him by way of assurance.

It was a nice long french kiss as both boys explored each other's mouth
with their tongue once more. Aaron bit on Stevie's lip before working his
way down over his chin, and nuzzling into Steven's neck, licking it all
over in preparation of a bite. When stevie could take no more of this, he
then moved down to his chest and began it lick it all over before
concentrating on those now hardened nipples that begged for attention.
Aaron whirled his tongue around those little mounds of flesh, from one to
the other and then back again. Sensations were running wild through
Stevie's body as he held his eyes closed, enjoying the pleasure Aaron was
giving him. It was more than he had ever dreamt about, and it was his
fantasy man giving it to him.

Aaron slid further down Steven's body, his hot breath now caressing the
exposed flesh of Stevie's belly. His tongue darted into Stevie's belly
button before covering the whole stomach with kisses and licks. While he
was kissing, Aaron's hand worked on the button and zipper of Stevie's pants
and got them undone. He got off his friend for a moment so he could pull
the pants off and then reached up and pulled down the elastic band of
Stevie's boxers as well. Steven was now laying there naked with a throbbing
boner that was leaking with excitement. Aaron grabbed Steven's hands and
place then on his own hips as he stood above Steven. Taking the hint,
Steven pulled off Aaron's boxers and now they were both naked. Hard, and
ready to love each other. Steven had now crossed the boundary and he wanted
to score the goal.

"Suck me, please Aaron. I want you to suck me." Said Stevie in barely a
course whisper. It was a command that Aaron was happy to oblige but not
just yet.

He slowly sank down to his knees with his hands on Steven's thighs. He w
anted to give Steven as much pleasure as he possibly could, he was consumed
with hunger for this young man who now begged to be sucked. Bending his
head down, he kissed the top of Steven's cock, which throbbed at the touch
of that warm contact. His tongue flicked out and lapped up the precum
juices before slowly licking all around the head and up and down either
side of the shaft. When he had licked all around the throbbing member, he
then kissed every inch of that hard flesh. He was teasing Steven, making it
last until Steven couldn't take anymore.

Steven's fingers combed through Aaron's dark brown styled hair as he worked
on that prick. He wanted Aaron to take it in his mouth and swallow him, but
he was not doing it. He placed his hands on Aaron's shoulders and felt the
warmth of his very smooth skin. He caressed them in a passionate touch,
when Aaron looked up at him with his hazel eyes and beamed up at his lover.
Stevie smiled back and Aaron's tongue flicked out again, now licking around
the head as though it was a chuppa chup or an ice-cream that was Aaron's
favourite flavour. Once more Stevie moaned in pleasure.

"Do you like this, Stevie?" asked Aaron mischievously.

"Oh yes, Aaron. You are awesome."

"Would you like me to suck you all the way now?"

"Oh please, please suck my dick."

"Then that is what you shall have, my love."

Aaron knew that Steven was enjoying this, by the way he was moaning and
writhing on the couch. He took Stevie by the hand and led him to his
bedroom where he lay him down on the bed. Once more he knelt down between
Steven's widespread knees, bent down and began kissing all over Steven's
throbbing knob, before wrapping his lips around the head. Slowly, as though
tasting every inch of Steven's hard member with his lips, he moved down
that cock until those lips were nestled in Steven's pubes. He held Steven
buried down his throat as he throat muscles massaged the phallus before
coming back up for air again, to tickle the cock-head with his tongue.
Steven placed his hands on either side of Aaron's head as he moved slowly
back up until just the head was in his mouth, before plunging all the way
back down again. It was ecstasy and torture both at once. The way it
throbbed with each contact, Aaron knew it would not be long before he
tasted the essence of his lover.

This time he decided to give his friend what he wanted and changed from the
slow blowjob to a faster pace of sucking and jerking that dick off at the
same time. Aaron's sudden desire for the taste of his mate sent his
passions over the edge.

"Ohhhhhh, Aaron. This is soo awesome. You are sooo good, man. I'm going to
cum, Aaron. I'm going to ahhhhhhhhhhh..." Sighed Steven.

With his face buried in his pubes, Aaron felt the first convulsion of
Stevie's throbber as it blasted its first load of cum down Aaron's throat.
He moved up the dick head so he could taste the jism on his tongue as his
lover continued to feed him his love-juice. Not a drop was wasted as Aaron
devoured it all and sucked Steven dry, savouring every bit of it.

Stevie sighed in contentment at the first blowjob he had ever received, and
it was at the hands and mouth of his fantasy-man. He looked down at his
friend and smiled at the cheeky grin that Aaron had on his own face. Aaron
moved up Steven's body and planted a kiss on his lips. They held on to each
other and life was good once more.

"I should do you now." Said Steven as they parted lips, uncertain about
giving his first blowjob and hoping that Aaron would like it as much as he

"There's plenty of time for that, my love. Let's just enjoy this moment in
each other's arms for a while."

For now, life just could not get any better. At last Steven's fantasy had
come true. He had his own Burger King to hold and love and cherish forever.

Aaron's nightmare was not yet over.
the arms of his nemesis, was his own fantasy-man, Aaron.

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